This year, Pak Atan has decided to appoint Didi, Nana and Jojo to handle the annual Konsert Hora Horey.
Didi is so excited and takes his job as the leader very seriously. Everything seems to be going well until
he takes it too far. Didi makes a big mistake and now Pak Atan and Pak Beruang have to travel to
Legenda Island far away in Muzika to fix the situation. Danger awaits them as a mysterious sky pirate –
Torra, hunts them for their map to go to Legenda Island. Will Didi & Friends™ be able to face Torra?

Title: Didi & Friends The Movie
Genre : Flem Musikal 3D Animasi Pengembaraan
Language: Bahasa Melayu
Running Time : 104 minit
Produced by: Warnakala Studios | Astro Shaw | Digital Durian | MDeC
Production Company : Warnakala Studios | Astro Shaw | Digital Durian | MDeC


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